Email Marketing

I'm going to make him an email he can't refuse…

Email remains the most reliable, most familiar of internet technologies. Since everybody uses it, email has proven an effective channel for marketing products and services online. Successful businesses recognize the power of a smart email marketing strategy. Is your business using this marketing platform effectively?

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Email Newsletters & Campaigns

Periodic emails can be a great way to keep your business on the forefront of your customers' mind. While it's crucial not to bury your target with messages, it's also important they be sent with some frequency.

  • Monthly or quarterly email newsletters are ideal for reporting (and promoting) company news, recent developments & upcoming events
  • We can create an email newsletter strategy that complements your existing marketing efforts
  • Plus, we also provide professional copywriting for all your email newsletter needs
  • From the Subject line to the Signature, we fill your message with informative copy that sells
  • Targeted marketing messages are the perfect companion to email newsletters: subscribers to your company's newsletter are typically solid prospects for future business
  • Your subscribers may also be some of your strongest & most vocal brand advocates
  • We devise email marketing campaigns to boost repeat sales from current & past customers

Email Opt-In Collateral

With today's SPAM laws in place, it's more important than ever to make absolutely certain your email campaigns are only sent to people who have 'opted in' to receive messages from your company. So, how do you get them to opt in to your email marketing list?

  • St. Louis Copywriters' marketing experience helps us identify ways to solicit new email signups
  • We help you create a 'bribe': exclusive, informative content your prospects won't find elsewhere
  • We create topical, promotional PDF eBooks you can use to entice new email subscribers
  • From conception to completion, we assist you at every stage of the creative process

Comprehensive Email Marketing Solutions

Our copywriting consultants have a firm grasp on email marketing models that work. To get the most return from your email campaigns, you need a focused strategy designed to achieve specific business objectives.

  • We can work with your business to develop a customized email marketing plan to capture new leads & convert more sales
  • We're well-versed in marketing automation strategy
  • We develop compelling "waterfall" approaches to keep your name in front of prospects until you close the deal. But, of course, it's more than relentless follow-up messages.
  • Customers want informative content that adds value & distinguishes you from the competition
  • We help create follow-up strategies that foster subscriber retention & build brand loyalty
  • In order to meet your business goals, you also need means of analyzing performance & measuring success. We monitor your campaigns and deliver actionable analytics reports.

Email List Management

Because of our experience using various email marketing software and services, we can also assist with account setup and list management for [popular] platforms like MailChimp, ConstantContact, AWeber, Infusionsoft, GetResponse and Adobe Business Catalyst.

  • If your email subscriber list is out of date, a lot of emails go "undeliverable" – jeopardizing your standing as a reputable email sender
  • When email providers perceive your business as a less-than-reputable sender, this can lead to fewer & fewer of your messages actually reaching subscriber inboxes
  • We can perform a thorough audit of your email marketing list. Purging invalid email address from your list optimizes email deliverability to enhance the performance of future campaigns.
  • Likewise, removing unresponsive contacts may also help you save money on your email service plan
  • We can also review your current subscriber list to help identify opportunities for segmentation
  • A well-managed & properly segmented email list boosts conversions and, ultimately, means more sales for your business

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