Feature Articles

What we've got here… is an uncanny ability to communicate.

Exposure in news media is a great way to build a brand, especially since it's moving more and more online. Research from the Custom Content Council reveals that 75% of consumers prefer informational articles over ads. The same is true for B2B: 80% of business decision makers prefer reading company information in a series of informative articles rather than an ad.

Looks like it's time to form a strategy for creating, publishing and distributing promotional articles.

We write promotional news & feature articles your customers want to read!

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Company News & Events

Every business has something to share. So, what recent improvements or advances has your company made? Are there economic or industry changes you're excited about? Well, spread the word!

  • We write the news for your company's internal or external newsletters
  • Informative articles publicize your company news and events
  • News articles are a great source of content for your business blog or website
  • Developing news stories can be updated as frequently as you like with additional content
  • Plus, enticing headlines enhance your email marketing efforts and fuel your social media

Embedded Content

The modern publishing industry offers significant opportunities to promote your business beyond traditional ads. So, how can we help you boost your content marketing strategy?

  • We write paid placement copy that's compelling & persuasive
  • We identify appropriate publications which accept branded content submissions
  • We create guest-authored features that bring in a new audience
  • We capitalize on embedded content opportunities to increase your SEO
  • We offer expert business writing services to convey your company's message

Grow your audience with articles for news media publication!

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