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Broadcast media is a tremendous medium for reaching a broad, blanket audience. Rather than relying on inbound prospects (like most internet marketing channels), outbound marketing methods like television and radio campaigns have the unique ability to inform potential customers who otherwise would never hear about your business. Don't waste those precious first impressions with bland messaging!

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Copywriting/ Creative for TV Commercials

Making compelling TV advertisements that engage customers and enhance the emotional connection with your brand is a difficult challenge.

  • Gaining the attention of your audience requires a deep understanding of the marketplace
  • Plus, it demands a keen awareness of consumer sentiment as well as immense creativity
  • Our talented creative writers can appeal to your demographic, whether you need something humorous, emotionally evocative, serious or downright silly
  • Our scripts stay "on-brand" to match harmoniously with your brand's unique selling principle (USP)

Copywriting/ Creative for Radio Ads

Creating succinct, coherent radio spots can also be challenging. Radio lacks the additional visual context which TV provides, so script writing is paramount to the success of any radio advertising campaign.

  • We know all the tricks – narrator voiceovers, multi-speaker dialogue, descriptive & attention-commanding sound effects – along with where/when/why to use them
  • We help develop your spot from concept to completed script
  • Our creative radio commercials will leave a lasting impression on listeners
  • We work with versatile voice talents, skilled sound directors & experienced audio engineers to produce finished spots ready for broadcast

Internet Video Content

Internet video is a cost-effective vehicle for advertisers to both connect with inbound prospects and expand reach to new outbound audiences. If you're not promoting video content online with high-traffic sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, you're overlooking an important advertising platform.

  • Popular online video sites have become established marketing channels in their own right
  • Plus search engine results pages are increasingly giving prominent placement to rich media/ video content
  • Yet smart video strategy isn't as simple as just recycling your existing content – internet video is a unique medium that demands unique consideration
  • Like your TV & radio ads, online video content needs to be short and punchy, but that doesn't mean it has to be outrageous or otherwise far-fetched
  • We identify opportunities to promote your company in an appropriate manner paired with your company's culture and specific marketing goals
  • Professional, intensely creative scripts increase your chances to 'go viral'

Let us write the script for your next broadcast media project!

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